Q: My bookable class does not appear on the web, even though I checked the box on the group activity product to show it on the internet.
A: Make sure the product is added to the web category that is shown on the app or webb.


Q: How do i change the picture for something on the webb or app?
A: Every product and function that has an image available, will have a “Media”-tab within the settings of the product, web category, resource or app object. If no image is selected, we display a standard gray image.


Q: Can customer pay their own noshow-fee through the app or webb?
A: Yes, as long as you have a license and agreement with a provider for payments through internet.
Please contact BRP to activate this setting.

Q: Can customers get a payment certificate for their subscription that they can hand over to their employer?
A: Yes, you need a message template where you have written some kind of information for your customers, an email will be sent out with an attatched .PDF of all successful transaction for the customers subscription.
Message Template = “Brev vid e-post-utskick av betalningsintyg”


Q: The images I upload for the webb and app are sometimes blurry, is there a specific resolution, size or filetype to use?
A: Yes and no, we have recommendations on what aspect ratio an image should have, depending on what it will be used for, with minimum height or width recommendations.
Read more here.

Q: How do I change the colors of my app and webb?
A: The main theme colors are configured in Configuration > Webb and App > Apps > App Object
Light theme is currently the theme color for the web, while the dark theme is for the mobile app.


Q: I don’t want a slogan, how do I get rid of it?
A: Put in a blank space in the text field for App Slogan and Webb Slogan.

Q: Which message templates are used under “Information” in the app and “Booking Information” for the web?
A: Please read about all the message templates here, what is required to activate them and what they are called.


Q: I added several languages to my app and webb, how come I only see the same language and no way to change it while using the app and webb?
A: The app and webb both use the language of the device you are using, if your phone is set to English, the app will be shown in English.
What you can do in BRP is add support for multiple languages, the texts you write for the app and webb have a pen-icon in the text field, click the pen to add your translations of the original description.


Q: Can I link directly to purchase a subscription from my site to the goactivebooking one?
A: Yes, as you click a web category and progress through the different booking and purchase flows, you will see the URL change in your adress bar, simply copy that and use it.


Q: Can I use HTML to make the booking site appear on my own with an iframe?
A: You can, but we do not recommend it, as a site within a site usually works less well, you will also get your own sites menu and our menu on one single page, which might confuse customers.


Q: Can I change the icon of the Go Active! app?
A: No unfortunately not, as many different customers all share the app, we use a generic icon that hopefully works for everyone.


Q: What phones can run the app?
A: The app is released for iPhones & iPads running iOS 12.4 or later. Android requires version 5.0 to install the application, Android 8.0 or later to use the mobile passage with Bluetooth.


Q: What username and password do you login with?
A: Standard username is your email and the password is the 6 first digits of your SSN YYMMDD