Subscriptions in App

Please note that this document is a draft and still not finalized.

This page describes the user flows to buy and view subscriptions.

Buy a Subscription

Generic subscription flow disregarding the different user types

Basically, the subscription flow is a sequential user flow that should be completed in one go and cannot be merged with other user flows. To simply put, if you start with the subscription flow, you must finish it to switch to another user flow. The following steps are included,

  • Set the primary facility

  • Select a subscription/membership type

  • Enter Personal Identity / Date of Birth

  • Enter personal information

  • Set email, password and mark the consent to agreements and conditions

  • Set up an Autogiro consent (only for the subscriptions with recurring payments)

  • Select product additions (only if the selected subscription has attached product additions)

  • Payment confirmation and Payment

  • View receipt

For a New User who just created an account

A new user who have just created an account can buy a subscription by clicking on a relevant web category on the ‘Explore Page’.

Explore Page > Select Web Category [Subscription] > Select a Subscription

Then, the user has to follow the above steps below as described completely in Onboard with a Subscription.

For a Guest User who wishes to register with the system

For a guest user who wishes to create a user account and buy a subscription along with the account creation, he/she can follow the steps mentioned in Onboard with a Subscription.

For an Existing User who already has an account

A user who has an account already, can select a relevant web category and follow the same steps above to buy a subscription. Importantly, if you already has an account make sure you log-into that account and proceed with the subscription flow.

If the user tries to buy the same subscription again

Whenever a user tries to buy the same subscription which is currently in the active state again before its date of expiration, upon adding it to the cart, the following pop will be shown.

If the user buys it again, the same subscription will get listed twice on My Subscriptions > Active Subscriptions but , the newly purchased one will be activated only after the previously purchased one.





Variations for the Danish, Norwegian and Croatian Users

The above mentioned basic flow might get slight variations for different installations depending on the country it is based in.

Danish Users

CPR Number

Instead of the SSN number, for the Danish users CPR is taken as an input in the ‘Enter Personal Data’ step.





To facilitate recurring subscription payments fir the Danish users, ‘Betalingsservice’ method is used instead of the ‘Autogiro’ step in the subscription flow for a Swedish user.

Here, the user should add the ‘Bank registration number’ and the ‘Bank account number’ as shown follows.




Furthermore, a Danish user has to add these inputs only when he’s buying a subscription for the first time. Afterwards, the system will use the saved data and facilitate the ‘Betalingsservice’ accordingly.

Norwegian Users

The ‘Autogiro’ variant used by the Norwegian users is known as ‘AvtaleGiro’. To facilitate recurring subscription payments fir the Norwegian users, this method is used instead of the ‘Autogiro’ step in the subscription flow for a Swedish user.

When the subscription payment succeeds for the initial payment of a recurring subscription, the user will be prompted to configure the ‘Avtalegiro’. By clicking on the link in the info banner on the Receipt screen, the user can get directed to the ‘Nets-Avtalegiro’ registration in the in-app browser.




User is also given the flexibility to complete the ‘Avtalegiro’ registration at anytime he prefers. But yet, he will be shown warning banners and indications on the ‘My Subscriptions’ screen as a reminder.




Croatian Users

OIB is a personal identification number given to residents and citizens in Croatia, similar to a SSN for a Swedish person.




View Subscriptions

A logged-in user can view a list of his subscriptions either from the ‘Profile Screen’ or Profile Screen > Settings > My Subscriptions




All the subscriptions are categorized under the following labels based on their current status.

Active Subscriptions

Subscriptions that are currently active are listed under this.


Cancelled Subscriptions

Subscriptions that are currently cancelled are listed under this.



Frozen Subscriptions

Subscriptions that are currently frozen are listed under this.

Freezing a subscription is an option that many gyms, especially big chains, provide. A pause or freeze means that if you signed up for a one-year contract in December but don't feel safe exercising until March, you are allowed to take a break from payment while you aren't using the space.



Required Attention

If any subscription needs attention regarding a missing autogiro consent or a missing digital signature it’ll get listed under the ‘Required Attention’ category and a red color indication will be shown on the info card as depicted in the following snapshot.


Manage Subscriptions

Generate a Subscription Payment Certificate

This option is available for all the ‘Active Subscriptions’. By clicking on the ‘Three-dotted’ icon on an info card, a user can open up the bottom drawer which contains the ‘Create Payment Certificate’ option. Then the user will be prompted to select the date range and confirm the action by clicking on the ‘REQUEST CERTIFICATE’ button. The requested file will be sent to the corresponding user’s email in the PDF format.




Age Information on Youth Memberships

Inside the membership type filter all the membership types are shown and for the youth membership type, to inform users about the age limit when the user selects it a description is shown.
Ex: You need to be younger than 18 to be classified as a youth.

For this,  youthUpperAgeLimit setting from the back office is used.

If a user selects a subscription product belonging to the youth membership type from the subscription product page, the user needs to insert the birthdate and it is validated whether the added date is below the maximum age limit to proceed with next steps. This will apply to the users registered with a personal identification number as well.



Highlighting when the user’s signature is required

When a subscription is purchased, there can be some actions a user needs to complete to be able to use the subscription properly. These include the following:

  • Signing the subscription - The customer needs to sign the contract of the subscription

  • Sign Autogiro consent - For Swedish direct debit payment methods the user might need to sign the Autogiro contract

  • Create Avtalegiro consent - For Norwegian direct debit payment methods the user might need to create an Avtalegiro consent after purchasing the subscription

Sometimes the customer can purchase the subscription (complete the subscription purchase flow) without completing these steps. In such scenarios a banner is shown prompting the user to complete those steps. When these banners are clicked the user will be navigated to the payment details page (if the only required action is to sign an Autogiro consent) or ‘My Subscriptions’ page (if there is a required action other than signing an Autogiro consent).