Invoices and Purchases

This page describes the user flows to view and pay receipts and invoices on Mobility Web.


From My Pages > Transactions, the user should be able to view a list of all the invoices that come under the logged-in user’s account.



User can filter the list by applying a filter or setting a date filter. By default, ‘All Statuses’ will be selected in the filters drop-down and starting from the current date, a week’s period will get selected in the calendar component.



For a particular invoice, the following information will be shown on the list card,

  • Invoiced Date

  • Due Date

  • Status

  • Payment Type

  • Amount

  • Balance

  • VIEW PDF CTA - for all the Pending and Paid invoices and PAY NOW CTA for all the Unpaid and Post Due Date invoices

Pay an Invoice

An unpaid or post due date invoice can be paid using the ‘Pay Now’ CTA on the corresponding list card.

The user can view the invoice added to the ‘Payment Confirm’ page and pay it using the generic checkout flow.



View an Invoice

For any of the invoice, the user can select the ‘View PDF’ button to open the invoice in a PDF view.

Generally, in the invoice list view, the user will be able to see invoices from one year back in time starting from the current date and pagination options will be given for the user’s easy reference.


From My Pages > Transactions, the user should be able to view a list of all the receipts that come under the logged-in user’s account.

You can enable customers to see their previous purchases that have been made, you can also limit how far back they may be able to view these purchases. See the bottom of this guide for which settings are needed to activate this function.


App Flow

  1. Click on Profile in the bottom right corner to open the menu

  2. Click on Transactions in the menu

  3. Click on the “Purchases”-tab to see previous purchases.


Web Flow

  1. Click on “My Pages” by hovering over your name in the upper right corner

  2. Click “View Transactions”

  3. Click on the “Purchases”-tab to see previous purchases.


In the list view, for a particular receipt, the following details are shown,

  • Receipt Date

  • receipt Number

  • Payment Method

  • Amount

  • ‘View More’ CTA

Users are only allowed to view the available receipts using the ‘View More’ button,



Settings and Configurations

Enabling the Invoices

If the BRP API version >= 2021.5004 and the setting showInvoicesPage is active then the invoices feature is enabled.

  • Settings

    • showInvoicesPage

Enabling Purchases

  • Settings

    • addonAppPremiumFeaturesActive

    • showReceiptsOnCustomerWeb

    • purchasesVisibleNumberOfMonths

    • allowCustomerReceiptsEndpointApi3

      There is another setting called purchasesVisibleNumberOfMonths. It returns a number  of months which needs to be used to show the purchases in the app.If the setting value is set to 6 months, the app shows purchases only for the last 6 months. If the setting value is 0, it shows purchases from the last 24 months. The default value of the setting is 0.