Services in Mobility App

This page describes the service flow in the Go-Active App as a User.

Filter Services

Upon clicking on a respective web category from the ' Explore Screen', the user should be prompted to select the facility and region, based on which the service products get listed. On the service products list, an example price is shown as the the time might vary.



By clicking on a specific service product card from the above list view, the user will get directed to the list of time slots of the selected service.

Time slots will be displayed for 7 days from the starting date (Today by default). Users can scroll down to see the slots of the days ahead or can click on any date to quickly scroll to the time slots from that day. Also, the week switcher can be used traverse in between different weeks.


By default the current date and the facility filters will be applied. The user can change the filters by clicking on the ‘Filter Icon’ on the top-right corner of the screen and the count of applied filters will be shown on the indicator component on the ‘Filter Icon’.



When clicked on the ‘Arrow Icon’ which is right next to a particular filter, the detailed filter drawer will be displayed. The detailed view of Facility, Instructor, Date and Time filters will be as follows.



Additionally, the following things can be noted in terms of the behavior of the different service filters,

  • Only the facilities that the product is available are displayed in the facility filter.

  • Relevant resources of the currently selected facility are displayed in the resources filter.

  • Once the user changes the facility, the resources list will automatically change according to the new facility selection.

  • From date filter users can select a date other than the current date and then, a period of 7 days from that selected date will be selected. Also, based on this date range selection, the week switcher will also get adjusted.

  • In the time filter users will be able to see 4 fixed intervals - Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Evening.

Booking a Service

When clicked on a required time-slot, the user will be then directed to the corresponding booking information screen. It shows, the time, date, availability of slots, facility, service description, room, instructor, product additions and booking information. After confirming the details, the user can click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button at the bottom of this screen to add the selected service product to the cart.



Settings and Configurations

  • Resources filter will have mainResourceRequirment.label as the heading.

  • Resources will have images only if mainResourceRequirment.type === 'STAFF'.

  • Resources that are configured as Searchable on customer web are shown in the list. (This only applies when mainResourceRequirment.type === 'OTHER').