Bluetooth Entrance


Bluetooth entrance is the feature that allows users to unlock the beacons for passage/gym doors using the Bluetooth option on their mobile phones.

First Time User Flow

A first timer would see the following screen, where the Bluetooth Entrance is presented as a ‘Floating Button’ on the bottom-right corner of the ‘Explore Screen’ of the app.



Upon clicking on this button, the bottom message drawer will get opened and device specific permission pop-ups will appear prompting the user to allow the Bluetooth permissions followed by the location permissions.



When the permission is granted, the user will be asked to switch on the device’s Bluetooth, only if it’s switched off.

If the user hasn’t allow the Bluetooth permissions


If the user has allowed Bluetooth permissions

Thereafter, a list of nearby beacons/doors will get listed in the bottom message drawer from which the user can select and open the required beacon/door.


The success or the failure of the ‘Activate’ action will be depicted through the ‘Success’ or ‘Failed’ labels displayed near the corresponding beacon/door name on the bottom message drawer list view.


Regular User Flow

For the regular users, the same above flow will be continued except for the permission pop-ups.

When displaying the list of beacons/doors, generally for the regular users, the cached list of the last heard beacons/doors is appended with any other beacons/doors that might get detected by the time of Bluetooth scanning.

Until any door/beacon gets detected, the drawer will remain in the ‘Scanning’ state.



If the user fails to ‘Activate’ any of the available doors/beacons , he’s allowed to retry using the corresponding ‘Retry’ button. Upon clicking on ‘Retry’, the button will get back to its ‘Activate’ status, from where the user can start the process again. Additionally, the ‘Retry’ button will get to the ‘Activate’ status 5 seconds after the failed attempt.



Managing User Devices

If the user tries to pass in with another device within the number of days that the app prevents changing the device, the following message is shown upon clicking on the ‘Floating Bluetooth Button’.



If the user tries to pass in with another device after the number of days the app prevent changing the device, the following drawer messages will be shown,




If the number of days is “0” or null, then the following drawer is shown,




  • beaconUUID - the UUID of the beacons to search for

  • beaconIdentifier - the identifier of the beacons to search for

  • The setting `daysBetweenSwitchingPassageDevice` defines how frequently the customer can update their primary device. (e.g. if the value is 5, the customer can only change the primary device after 5 days. If they change the primary device yesterday, they will not be able to change the primary device today).

Additional Information

  • Because of the performance issue the scanning will get started only after the user clicks on the ‘Floating Bluetooth Button’.

  • Upon closing any drawers, the Bluetooth scanning will be stopped.