Classes on Mobility Web

Please note that this document is a draft and still not finalized.

This page describes the user flows to view and book classes.

Set the Preferred Facilities

For a first-time user without preferred facilities, whenever he tries to book a class by clicking on a web category from the ‘Explore Screen’, the following pop-up is shown.

If the user has any pre-selected preferred facilities, he’ll be able to land on the class list page.

Set Class Filters

Facility Filter

By default the preferred facilities will be applied and any other facility based on user’s preference can be added.

Date Filter

Starting from the current date, 7 day’s time will be applied initially.

Instructor Filter

Class Filter

All the classes that include within the selected web category will be available as distinct select options.

If you set up Product Labels, you can sort different products under different labels. For example you could have product labels called Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. If you offer multiple variations of a type of class you could sort these as well.


  • Yoga A

  • Yoga B

  • Yoga C

Instructor Filter

A list of instructors will be available as distinct select options.

All the applied filters will appear as chips as shown in the snapshot below and the users can add more or remove them as they wish or use the ‘clear all option’ to remove all the edits and keep the default filters.

Purchase Flows of Different Class Types

Based on the nature of the class, there can be 3 different flows as explained here.

First, the user can select one of the info cards that relate to a specific class from the Class List View.

Booking a class included within the membership,

The user will be shown the respective ‘Join Class’ screen. This screen will show all the necessary details that should be known before you book a slot. By clicking on the ‘JOIN CLASS’ button, he can book a slot from the class you wish and he will be directed to the ‘Booking Confirmation’ screen.

If you are trying to book a class that should be paid directly,

The user will be shown the respective ‘Add to Cart’ screen. This screen will show all the necessary details including the ‘Price’ that should be known before booking a slot.


If you are trying to book a class by redeeming a value card,

The user will be shown the respective ‘Add to Cart’ screen. This screen will show all the necessary details including the ‘Price’ that should be known before booking a slot. Importantly, on this screen, the number of value cards that are readily available to redeem in place will be shown to the user.

Using ' BOOK WITH VALUE CARD', users can complete the class booking on the same go without adding it to the shopping cart or before switching to any other flows. By selecting the ‘ADD TO CART’, they can add the class to the shopping cart and checkout along with any other item that’ll be added to the cart.

The following settings are used,

  • payWithValueCardEnabled - To enable pay for classes with value cards

  • hideInvalidValueCards - To enable pay for classes with invalid value cards

If any class is already added to the cart and you revisit the same class, it’ll be as ‘ADDED TO CART’.

First Available Date

The list of classes usually starts from the first date when there exist scheduled classes. If there aren’t classes scheduled for a certain date or a date range, it’ll be shown as follows, so that you won’t get confused. Also, even if there’s a date somewhere in the middle, without any classes, they will be marked as shown in the following snapshots.

View Bookings

A user can view the booked classes from My Pages > Upcoming Bookings.

The card variations are as follows for different statuses

A Booked Class

A ‘Booked Class’ will be indicated in ‘Green’ as shown below. This type of bookings can easily be identified from the ‘Booked’ tag

Waiting List Enabled

When a certain class is fully booked and the ‘waiting list’ setting is enabled for the class at the time of creation, the users will be allowed to join the waiting list. Here, if someone who booked a slot cancels, that particular empty slot can be booked by the users on the waiting list based on a first come first serve basis. Normally, these types of classes are shown in ‘Brown’. Once the ‘waiting list’ is enabled for a given class, it’ll be shown on the info card itself with the number of users waiting in the queue.

In the Waiting List

Whenever a user enters a waiting list, in the corresponding info card, his spot on the waiting list will be shown. This type of bookings can easily be identified from the ‘In queue’ tag.

Cancelled Booking

A class can be cancelled by the user himself or by the instructor if there occurs any inconvenience. Any cancelled class will be marked in ’Red' color and this type of bookings can easily be identified from the ‘Cancelled’ tag.

Drop-In Classes

If a certain class cannot be booked via the mobile app, and the users can join those classes by visiting the respective facility, they are marked as ‘Drop-In’ classes and shown in the ‘Grey’ color.

Cancel a Class

From the ‘My Bookings’ screen, when clicking on a class booking, the corresponding class card will get expanded , where you can find a ‘CANCEL BOOKING’ link as shown follows. When clicked to cancel, you will be shown a pop-up and if you select ‘YES’ and confirm the cancellation of the booking, it’ll get cancelled and removed from the ‘Upcoming Bookings’.

No-Show Fees

Whenever the users miss to attend the booked classes, they will be charged a No-Show fee that they should settle to be eligible to book other classes. If you are a user who has missed classes and is no longer allowed to book classes through the app, you will be notified to pay the due No-Show fee and allows you to complete the payment to immediately go on booking.


The No- Shows can be enabled using the Automatic cancellation of noshows as shown in the screenshot below.

Enabling the waiting list for a Class

  1. Go to the BRP configuration

2. Go to Settings

3. Search for the “waiting list" setting

4. Enable the setting