Entry Tickets on Mobility Web

This page describes the Entry Tickets related user flow on the mobility web.


Entry tickets are one-time passes to attend certain activities. They will be valid only for a specific date and the user is allowed to buy any number of tickets based on the requirement.

Booking Entry Tickets

First, the user should select the preferred Region, Facility and Date from the available filter drop-down menus to see the corresponding grid view of slots.

When there is a resource allocation

If a resource allocation is available, based on the resource availability a grid view of time slots will be shown to the user. Here, the user should click on a specific time slot on a given day to see the available entry tickets on that day for the selected time.

When there isn’t a resource allocation

If a resource allocation is not available, then the whole day is considered as a one slot and the user should click on the ‘Book Now' button of the preferred day to see the available entry tickets.

Cancel & Refund Entrances

Customers can view their booked entrances on the web (and app) under My bookings. From there, they will have the possibility to cancel and refund their entrance bookings if that has been enabled.



Value / Description


Value / Description

Allow cancellation of entry bookings



Only allow refund of entrances until x minutes before the slot/day of the entrance


Allow refund of entrances until x minutes before the slot/day of the entrance. Refund is disabled if no value is set. If the value is 0, refund is possible until the start of the entrance slot.

Default value: -1

User Flow



Entrance Packages

This feature is currently in a test phase and is not yet available to configure and start using. This documentation will be updated when it is ready to activate.


Offer entrance packages (a package of multiple entry tickets for the same time slot) on the web. This can e.g. be a “family package” which consists of 2 adult entry tickets and 2 children entry tickets.


  1. Set up a package product. See our documentation here on how to do this.

    1. Note! The package can only include entry products for this feature.

  2. Add the package product to an Entrance Web Category.

Purchase Flow

  1. Select the products.

  1. Choose a time slot.

    1. Entrance products may or may not have a resource requirement. Time slots are displayed in a slightly different way for each case:

Entrance with resource requirement


Entrance without resource requirement


  1. Once a product and time slot has been chosen, the products will be added to the cart. The user will have to create an account or log in to complete the purchase.

  2. Once the purchase has been finalized, the entry tickets can be found under “My bookings”. Entrance packages are not displayed as one single unit, instead each single entry included in the package is displayed seperately.

Refund Entrance Packages

It is not possible to refund the individual entry ticket included in a package. The whole package must be refunded.

Note! The possibility to cancel and refund entrance packages from directly from the web is not yet released. For now, this has to be done from Point of Sale.

Configure Slot Entrances

How slot entrances are configured is described here: