Events on Mobility Web

Please note that this document is a draft and still not finalized.

This page describes the user flows to buy, view and cancel Events on Mobility Web.

Buy Events

From the Explore Page, the user can select a required event web category to land on the corresponding web category detail page with a list of events. From the list view, the user can select the facility filters as he wish to get the content filtered.




The user can then click on the ‘BOOK NOW’ button or the ‘SEE MORE’ to visit the related event detail page.

From this view, the user should add the total number of participant for whom the booking will be placed.



When click on the ‘RESERVE’ , in the next step, the user will be asked to add the details of the participants.

If not logged-in, the user is prompted to Log-in as well.

Buying for the user himself

If the user is buying for himself , he should mark the checkbox ‘I am the participant’ accordingly , and if the user is already logged in, all the fields under the ‘Participant 1’ will get auto filled with the logged-in user’s details.



Buying for someone else

For the rest of the participants, the user should manually enter the required details.



In this step, the user can remove any of the participants using the 'X' buttons that would reduce the total count of participants.

Upon clicking on the ‘CONTINUE’, the user will get to see the following pop-up and add the selected event to the cart.



From the cart, whenever the user tries to 'CHECKOUT, the user will be prompted to create an account or log in to proceed with the purchase. The main reason is a guest user is not allowed to place a booking.



When this is completed, the user is allowed to checkout the product.

View Event Bookings

After placing a booking, a user can view the booking details from ‘My Bookings’.

Cancel and Refund Event Bookings

It is possible to let users cancel and refund event bookings from the app and web themselves. See the “Settings and Configurations” section below on how to enable this.

User flow

  1. Go to My Bookings → Click on one of the event occasions.

  2. Click on Cancel Booking → The user is then informed that this will cancel the entire event, and they are asked to confirm.

  3. If confirmed, the entire event is cancelled and refunded through the same payment method as was used when booked.

Settings and Configurations

Cancel and refund event bookings from the app/web

The setting enableEventDebooking controls if users should have the possibility to cancel and refund event bookings from the app/web.

Mark the “Refundable via internet” checkbox for each event product that users should be able to cancel.

Show the available slots

If showAvailableEventSlots === false , we don't show the available slots of the event. So, in that case , the available slots will not be shown on the events list page and event detail page

Place a booking only for the user himself

If allowSetParticipantsForEvent === false, the user is not allowed to enter the participant details.
But if the customer has an event offer, then we show a list of participants eligible for the offer and in this case, the user will get an error if the selected participant is not the logged in user.