Item Sales on Mobility Web

Item Sales/ Article Item

These are simply the goods to be sold and bought online, via the mobility web application (currently, the mobile app doesn't support this). There's a variety of article items including both physical and non-physical items available on the web application. By convention, when an item is sold from the web application, it is mandatory to deliver the item to the customer. Currently, the web application supports two different modes: delivery by email and pick-up at the facility

View Items

By clicking on a related web category from the Explore Page, a user can land on the grid view of items.

Here as the first thing, the user should select the City and the Pick-up point from the respective drop-down menus before purchasing an item.

Purchase Items

To purchase an item, the user needs to first add it to the cart. This can be done by clicking on the ‘ADD TO CART’ button or selecting the ‘See more’ link and going into the ‘Item Detail Page’.

In the ‘Item Detail’ page, a user can see the product description , quantity drop down from which user can select the required quantity.

The user can click on the ‘ADD TO CART’ button to add the selected item to the cart

Once a particular product is added to the cart and the user revisits the ‘Item Detail ' page, the screen will look like follows, with a 'UPDATE CART’ button that allows to adjust the quantity from the drop down and update the item entry in the cart.