Limiting Subscription Purchase Only to the New Users

This page describes how to limit the purchase of a subscription only to the new users


The main objective of this feature is to provide the possibility to configure subscriptions in a way that allows only new users to buy it. If you would like to have a campaign offer which should only be eligible for new customers or customers that have not had a subscription/membership before or for a defined time period, then this functionality will manage that. If a person has och has had a similar product, then the purchase will be prevented.

Currently, this configuration is only applicable to Subscription products.

How to configure this

This section describes how to enable this limitation for subscriptions. To make sure this feature is enabled for one or more subscriptions, the following should be in place:

  • The subscription product/s for which this limitation should apply have a product label

  • In Sale & Campaign configuration section: for each subscription product should this product label be selected and the amount of days for when we are doing this control should be specified.

1. Setting up the product label

Add a Product label for all subscription products which should have this limitation. This is done in BRP Configuration > Products > Selected Subscription > Base Information >Organize section.

2. Configure the limitation in 'Sale and Campaign'

For a subscription product, which should only be available for new customers: select the Product label and specify the amount of days for when we are controlling the product label. This is done in BRP Configurations > Products > Selected Subscription > Subscription> Sale and Campaign section

  1. The product label should be selected in the field Not available if the user already has a subscription with label.

  2. The field Number of days back to control the product label is deciding for how long time back (how many days) a user is allowed to have had a subscription with the product label. This field is disabled until a label has been selected as described above. The options to set here are:





No value/The field is empty

This means that the customer can never have bought subscription products with the product label.


The subscription can’t be active today

Any number

If this is set to 1, that means that we check if the subscription was active yesterday. If it is set to 365 we check one year back, and so on.

Note that subscriptions where the subscription ownership has been transferred from one user to another are not considered.

Web and app user flow

Below is a description of how the flow will look for a user when this feature is enabled.

A logged in app or web user
When the user selects a product at the second step in the subscription purchase flow, if the selected subscription has this feature enabled, user will get an error toast as follows and will not be allowed to move forward to add the ‘Personal Data’. The user is prevented to proceed with the purchase.



An app or web user which is not logged in but has an account
Here, the user already has an account on the system but hasn’t logged in until the user gets to the ‘Personal Data’ step in the subscription flow where the user gets a prompt to log in. Again if the user already has purchased the same subscription that has this feature enabled, we should not allow the user to buy that.

At this point, we allow the user to log in and get the personal data pre-filled, but the user will not be allowed to move forward. When the user clicks on the ‘NEXT’ button, an information toast message will be displayed.